The Passion & Potential Human Resource Resnik HME Group
H is HR, M is Management, E – Entrepreneurship

HR DYNASTY is a membership-based group; formed under the firm Resnik. The RESNIK HR DYNASTY, Network is the group of professionals committed to accelerating and developing the HR, Management and Entrepreneurship movement in the Madhya Pradesh. HR Dynasty Network is committed to enhancing the capability of human resource professionals through training, knowledge and experience sharing. It is a place where HR professionals, Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Academicians as well as young management and non-management students meet to exchange ideas, discuss common issues and work together to develop and expand the magnitude of Human Resources, Management and Entrepreneurship. Members come from all industry, sectors and Institutes.


  • To develop and maintain professional excellence in HME
  • To generate and discover knowledge & skills relevant to HME
  • To disseminate HME knowledge and skills among professionals and practitioners, and share   information and experiences relating to HME so as to learn and benefit from each other
  • To strengthen the HME movement in the Madhya Pradesh
  • Career enhancement


  • Networking Provides opportunity to interact and connect with valuable contacts and making new ones
  • Knowledge, Information and Education through sharing, conferences, seminars, training and special events
  • Diversity of membership
  • Opportunities to volunteer and contribute
  • Engagement of seniors and academicians
  • Career Opportunities

Become an HR Dynasty HME Member: Join today 
The value for the membership is far more than the cost of membership.
We request you to strengthen the HME Fraternity by enrolling as a valued member of HR Dynasty and leverage from HR Dynasty activities, contributing a Bit of yours that can make a Big Difference to the Community at large


Institutional Membership: Those organizations that are interested in human resources, management and entrepreneurship development
Quarterly Special programme by HR Dynasty at campuses
Quarterly Training Program / Workshop / Seminars
Basic benefits

Individual Membership: Any individual, who is interested in HME
Special Programme by HR Dynasty
Quarterly Training Program / Workshop / Seminars
Opportunity to counsel / train / coach / Mentoring / the HR and Management professionals and student community
Basic Benefits

Student Membership: Those who are undergoing full-time graduate and post-graduate education in HME or interested in HME
Special Programme by HR Dynasty
Quarterly Training Program / Workshop / Seminars
Career Opportunity Jobs Preference (T&C)
Basic Benefits
Competitions: Management Games Case Writing Essay Writing


Category MAX Members Membership Fee
Institutional Annual Membership 20 Rs. 15,000/-per year
Individual Annual Membership 1 Rs. 2,000/- per year
Student Annual Membership 1 Rs. 1000/- per year

*HR Dynasty has right to charge extra fees for any program and activities organized by group
*Kindly do note that any type of Annual Membership will get expire on 31st March of every year

For further details for Membership please contact Ms Monu Shrivastava at, or +91-9993536446